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                                A sophisticated back-office system

Pension Software Funds Graph

Pension Software Funds Graph

At the heart of the Aurora solution is a cutting-edge back office administration system, developed by an award winning team with years of experience in the industry.

  • The Aurora platform incorporates a powerful calculations engine which interfaces with the report writer and your Word documents.
  • The screen designer allows users to define pages that hold exactly the right information for members of each plan.
  • The Rules area caters for any plan design, with user security and audit trails to ensure that the right staff perform each of their duties efficiently.

Most of the day-to-day administration tasks are automated through the online dashboards and forms.
This produces the highest quality data possible, since it is the owners of that data who key and maintain it.
As a browser service, Aurora is available anytime and anywhere. All for just a single, low cost annual fee.

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Automated, Intelligent Forms – 10 Benefits

  • Improved user experience – members simply change the current details displayed.
  • Intelligence means only required fields need completing, based on previous data entry.
  • Auto-field formatting, defaults, picklists and calendars means consistent and high quality data.
  • Data is automatically uploaded to the back office after authorisation.
  • Online forms means no errors from rekeying or mis-reading of completed forms.
  • Real-time benefit quotes, investment values and detailed outputs available 24/7/365 from any browsing device.
  • Consistent and high quality reporting, letters and other output from customisable templates.
  • Improved quality of the entire administration service.
  • Significantly reduces the costs to deliver a much improved adminstration service.
  • Improved communication and service for the members.

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                                         Aurora Online Dashboards

SAIL supplies a series of online dashboards as a great communication tool between the pension administrators and the Plan members, the HR staff and any other authorised parties.

Each dashboard comes in the form of a template which is customised to client requirements. The dashboards communicate directly with the Aurora back office to deliver and update information in real time.

Most day-to-day adminstration functions are initiated and automated through options and forms provided on these dashboards. Emails, SMS messages, reports and Word documents are used to authorise and confirm the underlying administration being carried out, before updating Aurora. The dashboards also include support services through a chatroom and a ticketing system.

This means that Aurora moves the adminstration previously carried out by the pensions team to its source, delivering a real-time service that is unbeatably efficient and accurate.

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Aurora WebsitePlan Website Designer

Websites are a great way to communicate information and deliver the documents needed by pension Plan members. It is surprising how many Trustees still do not offer a Plan website for their members. To help clients develop an effective website easily, the Aurora solution includes a WordPress template website. This allows Plan booklet text and images to be copied and pasted to the template pages. The website also offers an area for the visitor to download plan documents as PDFs, such as Newsletters and Annual Reports. A new site can be delivered in a matter of hours and at very low cost. The standard template also includes access to the online Application Form for new members. Once registered, members can also use the website to login to their dashboard.

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The Aurora Solution

Aurora is the only application that truly unifies the membership with pensions, HR, payroll, trustees and the plan providers. Aurora is redefining how to manage pensions for a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

On the right you will find a short videos for you to see the complete Aurora Solution in action :

  • Gain a holistic view of your global membership, better engage with parties and members, and have real-time information at any time, through automated  processes.
  • Update validated records immediately from their point of origin, ensuring clean data and operate with high quality, maximum efficiency and total accuracy.
  • Strategise and prepare your plans with intelligent and automated forms, dashboards and plan websites.
  • Build new plans of any type efficiently through a simple rules area and easily configure reports, documents and calculations from the supplied templates.
  • Integrate and automate other chosen HR, Payroll, Accounting, investment and other systems with Aurora’s pension, document management, workflow and pensioner payroll. 
  • The Aurora solution includes all of these elements: the Plan Website, the automated on-line forms and the HR and Member self-service consoles for just a low annual membership fee.

Instant, Customised Plan Websites

To provide better accessibility for members to the information about their pension plan, SAIL has just launched a new product to make a website immediately available. Using a WordPress theme, a copy of the supplied templates can be easily tailored cater for the variations for each plan, with your own images and text. Standard features include a members self-service login area that connects to the member Self-Service Console; A glossary of terms used; The latest plan documents including the Booklet, Rules, Valuation Report, Trustees Report and newsletters; All the plan details from the booklet and A help-desk for any questions. The very low cost for this facility makes it a must for any Plan that have out-of-date or no websites currently.... read more

HR Menu Console

SAIL Solutions changes the concept of pension administration by introducing a browser menu for the HR and Payroll staff to communicate directly with the pensions department. With online ‘live-chat’; links to a plan website; the ability to call plan reports and payroll and document upload capability, the menu fully automates the information directly into the administration system. Using the very source of the information needed in the pension system, produces the most efficient, accurate and cost effective administration service possible.  ... read more

Let me take the opportunity to thank you and indeed praise you for the work you’ve done on this amazing piece of software. I think it’s an outstanding achievement in terms of reducing the administration workload, increasing accuracy of data and making details immediately available to those needing it

Grace Mossrison

Pension Manager, J Wray & Nephew Limited

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